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A funny question we like to ask is “what is the purpose of your webpage”? Assuming that you already have a website setup for your business. If you don’t have a website set up don’t worry, we can set you up with an online presence for success.

Going back to our original question, when asked, clients typically respond to the question with “the purpose of our page is to let people know about our business” or “To prove that we are in business or to ad clout to our brand” or “To display our previous work, examples, testimonials, etc.”

I can’t count the number of variants to the responses I just listed, however I found that the right answer is hardly uttered, an answer like “To increase sales for the business” or “Getting more people to come to the store/office and growing our revenue”

At the end of the day what you want happening is clients or customers taking action in one way or another when they land on your website, and this is where good web design can excel.


Peter Hawkens Web Design

Peter Hawkens Web Design


Let’s say you were an interior designer, you could be the best interior designer located within the GTA, but if your webpage does not consist of 1) The right functionality and design, 2) The right message conveyed in the right way 3) the right results in the search engines, lets face it your line is going to ring.

The goal is having your phone ringing off the hook! You want so many clients and or customer’s orders that you need to bring in more staffing.

It’s the same situation if you are a lawyer, physician, orthodontist, florist, restaurant or any other business owner.

In the era of creating and keeping up with an online business presence, you can not get away with the good ol’ “If you build it, traffic will arrive”. In todays day just having a basic “online business card” and assuming google or any of the other major search engines for that matter will have you appearing on page 1 of the results “with clients bursting through your door “days are over. And in all actuality if you appear anywhere other than the first page of the search engines you might as well be invisible.

The on going issue clients face before using our services – and this maybe your issue as well- is that they are, as professional’s, interior designer lawyer, physician, orthodontist, florist, restauranteurs – and not web design experts

That’s fine of course, because we are the experts! And we have grown along side the internet. Thus, we would like to directly address and help solve your website issues. We would help you create and maintain your online presence so that you can focus on your work, preferably with a ton more business than you had before we got to work on your webpage.

Website design dives deeper than just choosing the right name for your site and paying a hosting company to keep it active. There is a lot more involved than figuring out which phrases your customers use when searching for you online (even though that is an extremely vital part of what we do). Web design is much more than allocating a certain amount of money for a marketing campaign.


The work around web design which are experts perform is everything listed above and beyond; although, there is a number of subtleties involved that business owners wont typically be aware of unless they are brought to their attention.

For instance, you may believe that having numerous images moving on a site is a good plan, and that you would like to use them on your website. However, a lot of times the ideas you had thought of may delay loading times and slow own your website, causing visitors to get frustrated, lose interest or both. The last thing we want is visitors clicking away from our site entirely.

At the end of the day you end up losing the opportunity to gain their business or any referrals you would have got from them if they had a better experience with your website.

There is a bevy of things that must come together in your formula for creating a converting website that moves your visitors through the content and information and then convincing them to make a purchase online, walk though your doors, or call you over the phone.

We don’t expect businesses to study or understand the complex language of HTML/XHTML, JPEGs, Cascading Style Sheets, Flash, Java, QuickTime, plug-ins, extensions or any online computer vocabulary for that matter.

We also don’t expect owners to learn how to create interactive and compelling pages for their site. That’s what we are here do to. Our experts have dedicated years to understanding these techniques and formulas, and we know how to implement them to the “T”

At Peter hawkens Vaughan SEO, our mission is to produce and maintain a website that:

1) Fits your criteria,

2)potential customers can locate,

3) will satisfy any questions or concerns that your customers want answered prior to taking their desired action,

4) will vividly show the benefits a customer will get from giving you their business, and

5) will encourage the consumer to either carry out their online purchase, pick up the phone and dial your business, or pay as visit to your store front.


At the end of the day we are experts in web design and constructing our clients’ online presence. Let us help present your business in the best light possible so that consumers who are looking for you and your services find you quickly and with little hassle. Let’s begin! Give us a call today, and we’d be more than happy to show you what we can do for you and your business.

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