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Social media management Toronto

With the digital age upon us, it is imperative to ensure your company has a powerful online social media presence. Tons of people are either looking for your business online unknowingly or heard about you and wants to do some research. By working with a social media management Toronto agency, you guarantee clients of all generations have an opportunity to find you and your services as well as transparently seeing your brand story.

With the whole worlds attention shifting from the radio and television to the internet, it now becomes a race to service our current clients and acquire our potential clients on the web. building brand awareness and trust on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is now the most effective way to date to solidify market share and grow your customer base.

Any business not working with a social media management Toronto company has to spend at least 25 hours weekly on managing all their social platforms and often don’t yield positive results by the end of it. By hiring a Toronto social media expert, you will not only be able to free up time as you grow your company online but also stay relevant for years to come while retaining all the value that your company offers.


Our Toronto social media experts manage all social media platforms across the board from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and google plus (see full list). We engage with and speak the language of todays consumer by interacting with them on your fan pages and advertisements. Facebook for example works with two main systems; 1, your fan page and 2, targeted ads based on user’s behaviours. Facebook ads targets specific people most likely to want your service or product and leads them to your fan page which acts as a hub or to your website for purchase. This is one example of how we not only keep up brand presence but generate leads.

When choosing a Toronto social media management firm, you must consider how they plan to effectively connect with your potential clients. Peter Hawkens brand story marketing chooses to take your person brand story and shed light on it in multiple ways in order to make the client have an easy decision when deciding on who to work with, couple that with number one rankings on google and your online presence now speaks volumes.

Building your brand story around holidays and events through out the month such as politics and sports is paramount in the way we engage social media. Our Toronto social media experts understand social media is where people go to laugh, cry, socialize and be entertained. We will not only free up your time but by choosing us as your social media management Toronto company you will be leaving your online exposure in the hands of people who understand the foundations of communication.

Creating the maximum ROI for your firm is the number one priority the old style of putting your ad in the paper or on the radio and hoping the right people saw it is over. Peter Hawkens behaviour marketing offers laser targeted advertisements based on what potential clients are already searching and looking for. With technology at a prime we are now able to track what users are interested in as well as their behaviors and tendencies, this allows us to pin point certain people with specific ads and have a highest conversion rate possible, resulting in the maximum possible ROI for your firm month after month, year after year.


Your clients are ON social media

Social media marketing Toronto isn’t everything. The whole world is on social media , so whether you’re are a lawyer or a baby sitter your client’s attention and time is fixated on the web. Being their first option when they want to buy is our goal so staying in front of them is key


A portion of the market is looking for you

Thousands of people are looking for your business if you happen to offer a product or service. For example you may have found this site by searching ” social media marketing Toronto “People also directly search your company to do research once they’ve heard about you or come across you in some way. We most definitely want to meet them with a warm presence on social media and a strong presence on google.


Word of mouth online

Customers and clients speak on your company through mediums such as reviews. Social media management Toronto agencies like us also maintain your reputation thorough reputation management and sincere communication. As long as clients feel they can communicate with a business and get their questions answered as well as feedback, it builds a trust that is hard to be broken.


Social media experts Toronto

We strongly believe in the companies we choose to do work with for two reasons; their values and their quality of service. We understand businesses and jobs were created to make human life possible and more enjoyable. So every business we work with we make sure their values are not misinterpreted with a poor social presence and we shed light on the quality of their service.

social media experts toronto

Social media marketing toronto


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