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Many business owners love the idea of gaining a lot more customers from their website. SEO (Search engine optimization) can effectively drive traffic/ customers to your website. It works in line with the search engines to rank your website higher in the search results on big platforms like Google and Bing. Starting a SEO campaign can be a huge asset to your business. When your website is optimized correctly you will see big improvements in traffic and exposure. Many experts and owners believe the service I provide as a Richmond hill SEO expert is one of the most effective there is. Here are some benefits that you gain when you using this service to increase revenue and exposure.


  1. Expanding brand awareness

Working with a Richmond Hill SEO expert is recommended for most businesses when looking to create brand awareness. Look at your web presence as asset based rather than a monthly cost. Our Richmond Hill SEO company positions many different online assets for you online like videos, review pages, and main pages in positions where customers are already looking. When someone searches for a product or service in your field we make sure to position your branded assets all on the first page of google driving traffic from each asses individually.

  1. Top your competitors

Businesses can truly take advantage of a Richmond Hill SEO Expert when it comes to beating out competitors. Ranking on the first page where you are most visible is something many businesses knowingly or unknowingly wants because of the share volume of consumers looking to purchase products or services online. A custom campaign is very useful in order to rank higher than your competition organically and with longevity. SEO domination is a powerful method used to rank for the first few positions of a search using a few of your online assets (website, videos, socials, business citations, etc.)

  1. Affordable and effective marketing campaign

Our SEO is very affordable and effective service compared too services like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Pay Per Lead program and more. This campaign builds you online assets which always have value unlike paid ads which are only useful if and when you pay. If your companies budget for online marketing is limited, you should definitely consider working with our Richmond Hill SEO Experts who can work around obstacles like payment issues or payment programs to ensure you still take advantage of SEO regardless your situation.

  1. Build trust from the customers

Building trust from your existing clients and earning the trust of new clients has a huge upside to SEO when the job is done properly. Customers as a whole give a lot of trust to websites they find showing up on search engines like yahoo, Google, Ask, and other sites. Our Richmond Hill SEO agency can enable your website videos and social webpages to show up on the first page of the organic search results which will help build trust with customers over time. The more your site appears in a trusted position with google the more comfortable a customer feels purchasing products or services.

5. Long lasting results

Longevity in the rankings is something that comes along with the type of SEO that we provide. Here at Peter Hawken’s, the Richmond Hill SEO experts plant organic seeds for your businesses online presence which continue to bring free traffic and more revenue to your business permanently. This means you wont have to constantly worry about paying for ads to stay up at the top to keep your trust and traffic levels constantly growing. It can save you both time and effort by choosing this form of SEO, setting up a ever-growing connected tree of assets that will always hold value.


Now that you’ve read through this article, you should see how powerful a specifically constructed SEO campaign can be. With over 91 million google searches per day many businesses find themselves benefiting tremendously from having a dominant online presence and ranking highly on search engines.  There are a few Richmond Hill SEO companies that can help increase your traffic and customer base using SEO. You can choose the best company to work with by reading customer reviews and testimonials also checking all the services and inquiring how they will actually perform the job.

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