Facebook Behavior Marketing

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Facebook Behavior Marketing: What is it?

The official term for  Facebook  Behavior Marketing is “ Facebook dark post”  or “Facebook behavior posts.” But, neither phrase indicates exactly what it is!
Every single day on your Desktop or Mobile phones, Facebook users see these very ads called “Dark Posts” on their news feed. They are PAID ads created by organizations that look like a wall post on a Facebook fan page… nevertheless they do not appear on the page’s wall. They only show up in the News Feed as paid content (with  a ‘Sponsored.’ label)

The ads are mostly include a photo with a link to your website. But they can be  Carousel” posts which supports up to five photos. Or, my new favorite – VIDEO posts (advertisements).


Why Use Facebook Behavior  Marketing/ Dark Post?

Facebook Behavior Marketing is genuinely rather genius and very effective in reaching far more of your target industry, employing granular targeting in Facebook’s Ad Manager for advanced Facebook marketers.

So what makes this Facebook Behavior Marketing strategy so powerful and how might you utilize it for your advertising and marketing?

Generally, a Facebook Dark Post is a news feed-style ad that does not appear on on your Business Facebook page. Basically, it is like the Isle de Muerta in the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie: it can only be identified by those presently know where it is.


With Dark Posts, you can create an ad with a very specific message for an audience and guarantee that it will appear on their news feed. You can target those based on their behaviors, interests, as as people  who have previously liked your fan page and only those who you target will ever see the ad.

Click here for full list of Facebook’s Behavior and Interest Targeting Options.

As a business owner you may offer products/services that may only appeal to specific audiences.

Example: A Car Dealership Owner may want to offer different promotions to potential new car buyers depending on where that particular person lives and occupation.

Rather than sending out many adverts about all your promotions to everyone, you can use Facebook Dark Posts to target certain groups of people . As soon as you create your ad, you can determine which group of  people  you want to the ad  sent to and keep away from sending it to people who have no interest in that promotion. The ad is not a status update to your wall, so most of your followers will never even know that the ad was created.

This means prospective buyers won’t be bombarded with messages about adverts that do not correlate with their current needs.




So to sum it up, Facebook Behavior Marketing benefits you since:

• They assist you send your ads to those who are most probable to act on them.
• They permit for less complicated A/B testing as you can send numerous versions of a much more general ad to distinct sectors of your audience and see which one does best.
• They end you from over posting and annoying followers, which implies fewer un follows.

You could seriously set up ten different versions of the same ad, split up the target groups into 4 groups and send one edition of the ad to each and every group. Not only will you be capable to see which edition of the ad does greatest, but you will also steer clear of over posting. The groups will never see the other ads, so to from their point of view, you’ll have posted 1 ad when in actuality you’ve posted four.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!

Facebook’s new behavior marketing changes the game on how business owners can get in front of consumers based on their behaviors(credit card transactions, online shopping, interests etc.) With 2.2 Billion Monthly Facebook users and growing the possibilities are endless. Facebook Behavior Marketing  is still relatively untapped and that will continue to be the case  for the next 6-8 upcoming month’s. Taking advantage of this opportunity now for your business can  generate tons of leads for your businesses  and it is currently generated ton’s of leads for my clients.

Here’s an example of one of my client’s potential reach currently on Facebook. This client sell’s weight loss diet supplements online using Facebook’s platform.

She’s been able to reach up to 5,000 people per day in Toronto alone and has been getting tremendous amounts of sale’s since working with me.

If your a small business owner that is looking to increase their business revenue, gain more clientele and take their business to the next level, I suggest trying Facebook  Behavior Marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to market yourself online to people who are already looking for what your products or services.

Feel free to contact me directly at info@peterhawkens.com or call me at 416-645-5386. For more information about how you can get started. Or Complete my “Facebook Discovery Form” here and we can create you a free video analysis showing you exactly how we can generate more leads by utilizing Facebook Ads for your business.

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