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Our team of experts optimizes your web site to attract and drive more customers to your business. Staying on top of the search results will ensure your business is always growing from the billions of searches per month that google experiences.

Amplify Your Business 10X With Search Engine Optimization


Step 1

Gain insight on how much online traffic you can gain by positioning your website with SEO (Search engine optimization) to top the search results for your market. Learn what your potential customers are searching on Google and exactly which competitor firms are popping up first during the search.

Step 2

Precisely optimize your websites to be positioned in front of your customers when they are looking for your service or product .using your site, business listings and videos to dominate the first page of the search results .

Step 3

Watch as your business grows into its full potential. Rest assured that the SEO experts here at Peterhawkens.com are ensuring you are taking full control of all the online traffic in your market and dominating the search results because of the power of search engine optimization.

Complete SEO Service

We have found that most business owners have no idea about how the online search engines work and the large amount of traffic and customers looking for their product or service every single month. Let us show you through the power of understanding, how a leading SEO Agency can efficiently optimize the search engines and your business to connect with thousands of customers already looking for you .
We make sure our clients stay ahead of the curb and ahead of the competition by having more control over the ranks. We rank your website, business profiles, social media and videos at the top of the search results for total control and domination. We make sure our clients stay ahead of the curb and ahead of the competition by having more control over the ranks.
You came here with a purpose . You want to ensure you are doing everything possible to effectively take advantage of the power of the Internet so you can be at the top of your game and fully provide for all your customers, family and your team. You deserve to know more about how you can accomplish this through SEO (Search engine optimization)

Your Partner

Working with us is more of a partnership then anything else. We work with our clients closely to resolve any issues or keep you informed on any changes that come up. Our partnership is meant to aid the success of your business using SEO. So never hesitate to contact our team.

Monthly Reports

We update our clients on a monthly basis with ranking updates and statistics. We send monthly news reports and recommendation’s how to stay on top on the ever changing online industry. Our experts provide the best advice and insight on how to secure your presence online.


Not only do we aim to get you at the top spot. Our team is so experienced that we make our clients dominate entire pages at a time with business listings, videos , social media and more. We can dominate even the toughest o keywords in any market.
Through testimonials and feedback we have acknowledged that the biggest take away for our clients is how transformational our service is. Few SEO companies have the experience and understanding to sincerely take care of their clients for the long term. Our practical skills , knowledge, innovation and expertise position us to do just that. Our results and track record prove we are leaders in the SEO industry. Let us help your business prosper
Take advantage of this game changing opportunity . We get contacted every day from clients looking for a SEO expert to help them take the next step in the right direction, take action and make their business have a winning online factor. We ensure our clients and their websites are taken care of just as if they were our own. Securing your success results in our on going success that is our aim and goal.

Control Your Market

Vaughan Search Engine Optimization

If your business is seeking more customers in the GTA / Vaughan area, look no further. Our Vaughan SEO company specializes in driving new customers to your door step, regardless of your industry or niche.

We have over 10 years of experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. We can get your website and pages ranking on the first page of Google – and on top of that have the first page literally taken over .We have done this for plenty of local businesses in GTA/ Vaughan area.

We must take into account , the average Vaughan SEO Agency have no firm grasp of what they are doing, and will only jeopardize the presence of your website in the search results by performing subpar work. As SEO Experts We have a deep understanding of how everything works, and our results prove this time and time again .

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of aligning your website pages with what search engines like Google want to see . It is a combination of website affiliations ,social media ,content, business listings, citations and the over all strength and trust of your site as seen by the search engines. Understanding the algorithms is key . Hiring a Vaughan SEO expert who understands what it takes to dominate any industry can be very beneficial.

How It Works:

To start, if you already have a website, we will diagnose your website and ensure that there are no issues with any previous search engine optimization (SEO) work that was done with or without you knowing . We will check things like penalties, and make any on page adjustments to lock in optimization . Then we will verify you in Google My Business, and at the very least have the basics of social media up and running to help build authority and trust for your site.

Citations are important. Our Vaughan SEO experts know exactly the right kind of citations to link to your business. We seek out matching and high site authority citations to ensure we build the proper trust and groundwork.

Beat the Competition

Do you want in on all the business your competitors are getting for being at the top of the search engines ? Do you know exactly what keywords are being searched on Google for the services or products you provide ? You need this information …fast

We make sure our clients stay ahead of the curb and ahead of the competition by having more control over the ranks. We rank your website, business profiles, social media and videos at the top of the search results for total control and domination. The Vaughan SEO experts here at Peterhawkens.com make sure our clients stay ahead of the curb and ahead of the competition by having more control over the ranks.

If that fix was cost efficient, and would directly effect the growth of your business each and every month, the only way you could turn it down is if you didn’t want Increased sales and have a lucrative return on investment . That is why you are here.

Team up with a Vaughan SEO expert who knows exactly how to rank on Google. We’ve helped hundreds of clients dominate their competition and we can do the same for you. Take advantage of our proven strategies before your competition does and get a ahead of the rankings immediately.

Social Media

Our Vaughan SEO Experts consistently execute tested social media strategies that help you reach customers who are looking and get in front of potential new customers .we also align and make use of social media with the search engines, something hardly any SEO Firm or marketing agency knows how to take full advantage of. Our strategy leverages search engine optimization(SEO) and social media with the optimal balance to give you a dominant Web presence .

What’s Next?

At this stage we typically have a huge advantage over our competition thanks to our strong understanding of effective and efficient optimization with SEO, both on the front end and back end . This includes the natural results AND the maps listings.

The way that our SEO agency operates, you will eventually rank well in the 7 pack (or maps) and as well as the organic results. We can run paid advertising , however most of our clients realize that the results they reap from the SEO are much more beneficial than any type of paid advertising.

When you decide which package you would like to try from us, we can begin fully controlling the first page for your business by not just optimizing your homepage for ranking, but also other web properties. properties like Youtube videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any citations we’ve created for your business like Yelp can benefit from Search engine optimization (SEO)

Moving Forward

If you are ready to take over the online market . Let’s start you ranking today ! Fill out the discovery form to begin the process .Choosing a leading Vaughan SEO agency is half the battle, leave the rest to us .

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